Tirpitz VR

Tirpitz VR

This photo / 360 degree picture is taken at the Tirpitz Museum at Blåvand. You can read more about the Tirpitz Museum at vardemuseerne.dk/museum/tirpitz/ The picture was taken by Peter Leth and released under the Creative Commons license cc: by.

Tirpitz VR (da)

Dette vr/360graders billede er taget på Tirpitz-museet ved Blåvand. Tirpitzmuseet kan du læse mere om på vardemuseerne.dk/museum/tirpitz/ Billedet er taget af Peter Leth og udgivet under Creative Commons licensen cc:by.

Common locations: city
Proper locations: Tirpitz Museum, Blåvand
Lightness: day
Color analysis: gray: 35.7% blue: 15.6% red: 13.9% yellow: 11.4% black: 11% cyan: 6.8% white: 3% magenta: 1.7%

Fetched from Flickr, taken on 14. 8. 2017 10:08 by Peter Leth under Attribution License.

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