Pu'u 'o Ka'imuki - an aerial 360° Equirectangular VR View of Honolulu and my…

Pu'u 'o Ka'imuki - an aerial 360° Equirectangular VR View of Honolulu and my hometown, Ka'imuki shot at 173 feet from my DJI Spark mini-drone

Since this was taken from a drone, I could not get the sky view for my VR and so I took a full VR from the same area, placing the sky as seen from ground level on the top and the ground from the drone on the bottom. Worked out pretty well. Click here for a better view then select full-screen... www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1878993135752109&set=... - The photo is stitched but not with the Ricoh Theta S as indicated. - The total number of photos used...60 for the ground level, unknown number for the sky since I didn't count the shots I was taking on my Camera App. I'm guessing at least 100. - The software or other method used for stitching: Microsoft ICE and Camera App for Android. The two hemispheric stitches were then manually stitched together using GIMP then given VR compatibility by transferrring the data from another photo using Exiftool.

Common locations: area, sky, ground, hometown
Proper locations: Honolulu
Lightness: day
Color analysis: yellow: 28.2% blue: 23% gray: 14.6% white: 14.3% cyan: 9.6% red: 7.3% green: 2.3%

Fetched from Flickr, taken on 20. 7. 2017 14:32 by Kanalu Chock under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

GPS: 21.290916, -157.856245
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

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