Kupikipiki'o (Black Point) from my DJI Mavic Pro hovering 179 feet up and 179…

Kupikipiki'o (Black Point) from my DJI Mavic Pro hovering 179 feet up and 179 feet out - an aerial 360° Equirectangular VR.

Kupikipiki'o translates as (ku) the state of being (pikipiki'o) rough or agitated, and usually refers to winds or seas. It's English name, Black Point, refers to the fact that the peninsula was created with black lava formed from a vent off Diamond Head when it erupted. The peninsula is the southernmost point of the island of Oahu and when Kamehameha and his warriors made their attack in Oʻahu in 1795 to unify the islands, their canoes made land from here all the way to Maunalua, referring to the two mountains seen in the distance in what is now Hawaii Kai. In the 1900s, the military would take over Kupikipiki'u and it would become the Battery Birkhimer. Fort Birkhimer was a rapid-fire light battery used to protect the local searchlights of Fort Ruger which was located in Le'ahi (Diamond Head) and provide flanking fire on any infantry approach. When Kupikipiki'u became a residential area in the 1920s, it would become home to Duke Kahanamoku and American heiress, socialite, horticulturalist, art collector, and philanthropist, Doris Duke, whose former home, Shangri-La, has become a major extension of the Honolulu Museum of Art. Presently, homes here are some of the most expensive on Oahu and currently, one home is listed for $18 million. In September 2007, the Hawai’i Audubon Society was given a one-acre coastal property here thanks to an unprecedented gift from the Houghton Freeman Foundation. This parcel has long been a nesting area for Wedge-tailed Shearwaters ('uau kani, Puffinus pacificus) and is the only habitat of its kind remaining on Oahu's south shore. Restoring this property, now known as the Freeman Seabird Preserve, from a vacant residential lot into a native coastal habitat supporting a shearwater breeding colony is an ongoing project.

Lightness: day
ColorType: nature
Color analysis: blue: 47.6% cyan: 20.4% gray: 14.8% yellow: 7.7% green: 7.2% red: 1.3%

Fetched from Flickr, taken on 6. 4. 2018 12:17 by Kanalu Chock under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

GPS: 21.255127, -157.793784
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

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