PTM 2010: The car panorama

PTM 2010: The car panorama

The opposite of "drive-by shooting"?. I could not resist shooting this car panorama during our walk along the Plymouth Hoe during the Panotools Meeting 2010. Unfortunately I forgot the make of the car, so bonuspoints if you can make out what car it is from its interior in the interactive version, or in the shot that Ian took of me doing this panorama. I did walk around the car to get a separate nadir shot, and normally I would have removed the shadow of my camera/monopod. But I liked the "rawness" of this one. It took no more than 15 minutes to remove any stitch/blend errors (of which there were quite a few, given the semi-handheld, closeup nature of the panorama). PS: can you tell that I am not used to english cars?

Proper locations: Plymouth Hoe, english
Lightness: day
Color analysis: yellow: 34.3% blue: 24.4% white: 17.6% gray: 14.1% black: 3.9% red: 2.6% green: 2.3%

Fetched from Flickr, taken on 20. 8. 2010 16:11 by Aldo under Attribution-NonCommercial License.

GPS: 50.363436, -4.13802
Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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