Apples for Pears

Apples for Pears

I could have sworn I was standing underneath a pear tree when I poked my camera up ~4 meters into the crown of the tree. The sinusoidal branches in the equirectangular image are a 'happy accident', I did not spot that from the ground. View the interactive version.

Common locations: ground
Lightness: day
ColorType: nature
Color analysis: green: 34.2% blue: 27% gray: 14.4% black: 8.8% yellow: 8.4% cyan: 5.2% white: 1.3%

Fetched from Flickr, taken on 3. 8. 2007 5:50 by Aldo under Attribution-NonCommercial License.

GPS: 51.822834, 4.928655
Sleeuwijk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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